The Estoril Circuit, in the municipality of Cascais, will host the Para-cycling World Championship from June 9th to 13th. It is the biggest annual world cycling event for people with disabilities. This event also marks the largest national participation in world para-cycling events.

Portugal will host the best para-cyclists in the world between June 9th and 13th, to compete in the Para-Cycling World Championship. More than 300 athletes from 39 countries will compete for the 53 world titles that will be awarded until the end of the event.

Like the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the World Championships were not held last year and were postponed to 2021. This way, the event that will take place at the Estoril Circuit is the perfect opportunity for athletes to prepare for the Paralympic Games, which will be held between August 24th and September 5th, 2021.

There will be four different categories competing in the road, individual time trial and team relay races. The first two will occupy the entire length of the Estoril Circuit, with a distance of 8.3 kilometres. The team relay will be held on a specific part of the circuit, located between the start of the main straight and the second turn, with a distance of 1.9 kilometres. Both courses will be run in several laps, the number of which will vary according to the class in competition.

These classes are assigned through an evaluation, carried out by specialised doctors from the UCI (International Cycling Union). Among the five categories that currently exist, four will be competing in the Paracycling World Championship, since category D, concearning the deaf, is not part of this event. The categories are divided into Handbike (H), Bicycle (C), Tricycle (T) and Tandem (B), with numbers being assigned in each one of them, according to the athletes’ functional classification. The lower the number, the lower the functional level of the para-cyclist.

There will also be a team relay race at the Para-Cycling World Championship, in which class H athletes participate, in female, male and mixed teams, competing simultaneously.

In this World Championship there will be 13 Portuguese athletes, who have at this event a unique opportunity to challenge themselves even more, competing at the highest level, among with the stars of the sport. Besides, this Para-Cycling World Championship will be marked by the largest ever participation of national athletes at this level, which is only possible because the race takes place in national territory.

The Portuguese armada is headed by the four cyclists who integrate different levels of the Paralympic high performance programmes. The most experienced are Luís Costa (H5) and Telmo Pinão (C2), the only Portuguese who have already competed in Paralympic Games. Bernardo Vieira (C1) and Flávio Pacheco (H4) have also been building an important international experience during the last three seasons.

With less experience at the highest level, but with equal or even higher levels of motivation, another nine Portuguese riders are going to present themselves at the Estoril Circuit. The duo Ana Silva and Isabel Caetano is a last minute surprise and will wear the national colours in the women’s B class. Besides Flávio Pacheco, Portugal will have Carlos Neves and Rúben Garcia in the H4 class. João Pinto will compete in H3, Paulo Teixeira will line up in C3 and João Monteiro in C4. There will be two Portuguese in class C5, Hélder Maximino and Manuel Ferreira. The best ever Portuguese result was conquered by Luís Costa, a bronze medal in the H5 class time trial in 2017.

Para-Cycling World Championships presented in Cascais

The Para-Cycling World Championships were presented today, June 2nd, in Cascais, featuring interventions from the Vice-President of the Portuguese Cycling Federation and Director of the Para-Cycling World Championship Organisation, Sandro Araújo, the President of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, Delmino Pereira, and the Mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras.

Vice-President of the Portuguese Cycling Federation and Director of the Organisation of the Para-Cycling World Championships, Sandro Araújo: “The organisation of these World Championships was a process that lasted around three years, from the genesis of the application. When we approached Cascais City Council, it was with open arms that they provided us with the opportunity to hold this event, which is being organised jointly with the municipality and the UCI (International Cycling Union).”

President of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, Delmino Pereira: “We are facing an exciting World Championship, perfectly inclusive and which has greatly gratified our sport. Our community has welcomed this new aspect of cycling and we are very proud to organise this competition. We increasingly want cycling to be for all, and become more and more inclusive. It will certainly be a great sporting spectacle.”

Mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras: “It is an honour for Cascais to host a race of this nature. We are used to organising great events and this will not be just another one. We are a municipality that aims to be increasingly inclusive and, with our renowned hospitality, we have everything that is needed for a great World Championship.”


June, 9th
19h00-20h00: Team Relay

June, 10th
10h00-13h20: Individual Time Trial (ITT)
14h00-18h25: Individual Time Trial (ITT)

June, 11th
10h00-12h15: Individual Time Trial (ITT)
14h00-18h55: Individual Time Trial (ITT)

June, 12th
10h00-12h55: Road Races
13h30-19h25: Road races

June, 13th
10h00-13h50: Road races
14h30-19h40: Road Races




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