The Para-Cycling Road World Championships finished today, at the Estoril Circuit, with the T (tricycle) and H (handbike) categorie’s road races. Italy and the Netherlands dominated the competition since the beginning and the last day was no different.

After five days of competition, the Para-Cycling Road World Championship have come to an end, at the Estoril Circuit in Cascais.

As seen from the beginning, the Italian and Dutch teams stood out once again on the last day of competition, being the two countries with the most world titles won. Italy won thirteen gold medals, the Netherlands nine and Great Britain six. In total, 21 countries managed to win a medal, thirteen of them gold.

Italy, already the country with the most titles so far, added four more to its collection today. Giorgio Farroni won in T1, Roberta Amadeo and Luca Mazzone in H2 and Simona Canipari in H1. The Italians also won three more silver medals in H3, with Francesca Porcellato, in H5 with Ana Maria Vitelaru and in H1 with Fabrizio Cornegliani.

On this last day of competition, the Netherlands got the same number of gold medals as Italy, with Jetze Plat winning in H4, Chantal Haenen in H5, Jennette Jansen in H4 and Mitch Valize in H5. The Dutch team also won another bronze medal, in H5, with Tim De Vries.

Germany won two more world titles today, with Jana Majunke in T2 and Annika Zeyen in H3. The remaining gold medals awarded today were won by France in class H3 with Riadh Tarsim, South Africa in class H1 with Nicolas Pieter Du Preez, Belgium in class T2 with Tim Celen and Canada in class T1 with Shelley Gautier.

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